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About Us

Hong-Gen Chen (call her Sarah) is the owner and administrator of Maple House I & II. Trained as a pediatrician in China, Sarah followed husband Ke Wu
to the Univ. of Florida, where both earned PhDs, hers in physiology, his in engineering. As Ke built a career in Silicon Valley, Sarah did post-doctoral research at UCSF, School of Medicine, and then revisited China on family business.

Sarah started Maple House in 1998. She takes great satisfaction in applying all her talent and training to provide superior service to seniors. Sarah works closely with carefully selected caregivers to create a distinctive atmosphere that helps people feel at ease, and at home. Sarah and her staff are committed to making each Maple
House the best it can be - a place that family and friends
are happy to visit – and a place that residents are proud to call home.

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